She was born in Mar del Plata in 1987.



Degree in Audiovisual Communication with orientation in Cinema, Video and TV Production at the Faculty of Fine Arts, UNLP.


Type A scholarship researcher at the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Design at the UNMdP.


Assistant professor in the subjects Analysis and Criticism (FBA, UNLP) and Audiovisual Language and Contemporary World (FAUD, UNMdP).


Currently studying the Master in Art and Society in Latin America, Faculty of Art, UNICEN.




Co-director at project Casa Intermitente.


2019 Participates at Kárstica artistic residency, Cañada del Hoyo, Cuenca, Spain.


2018 Training Grant of the National Fund of the Arts for the Casa Intermitente´s project CHAPA CHAPA.


2017 Creation grant of the National Fund of the Arts

         Participates in the Art Lab "Suspended Borders" by Sebastián Tedesco and Mariano Luna, at MAR Museum of Contemporary Art of the Buenos Aires Province.

         Curator of "Impressions" Expanded Film Festival, programmed in the Auditorium of the MAR Contemporary Art Museum of the Buenos Aires Province.


2016 Participates at the artistic residency by Castagnino-MACRO Museum along with the Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires, in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

         Participates at the artistic residency by Cultural Center Recoleta along with the Biennial of the Motion Image (BIM), UNTREF, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

         Participates in the Laboratory Production Marathon coordinated by Leonardo Solaas at the Cultural Center of Spain in Buenos Aires.


2015 Participates in the Art Lab “Conversa”, by Hernán Khourian y Ailí Chen at Buenos Aires Young Art Biennial.



2019 "The arrival of a train a La Ciotat station I and II", exhibited at Zapadores Ciudad del Arte, Madrid, Spain.

         “Operate Phantom” at BIENALSUR 2019, South America Biennial of Contemporary Art, within the framework of the exhibition “Work´s essays”. Centro Cultural Parque de España, Rosario, Santa Fe.


2017 “Empty by full" at “Estefanía Santiago and guest artists" in Benteveo. Espacio Cultural, La Plata.    

         “The interstice in the mirror (live)" at "Impressions" Expanded Film Festival, MAR Contemporary Art Museum of the Buenos Aires Province. And at Art, Science and Technology Program, Municipal Astronomical Complex, Rosario, Santa Fe.


2016 “The interstice in the mirror (frame)" selected and exhibited in the National Salon of Visual Arts 2016. Installations and Alternative Media, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.

         "Little essay of identification" at BANG IX Festival Internacional de Video Arte de Barcelona. And at SAMPLES. Festival Internacional de Video 2016. Transvideo: Borderless Image, México.


2015 “The interstice in the mirror" at 11th Independent Film Festival of La Plata, FestiFreak. Auditorium of the Annex of the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires, La Plata.

          "Little essay of identification" at “From the intangible to the tangible”, Experimental Video Screening and Conversation, Zurich.


2014  "Little essay of identification" at FIVA 4, International Video Art Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2013 “LOCUS” winner in Development Project, Visual Arts Category at the Young Art Biennial of Buenos Aires. Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

         "Ethereal fragment" at FIVA 3, International Video Art Festival of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2012 "Ethereal fragment" at 8th Independent Film Festival of La Plata, FestiFrea.. And at International Festival Creativity, Innovation and Digital Culture, Canary Islands, Spain.