"The family archive and the expanded cinema. Memory and identity in contemporany art"

"From the analysis of works in which the archives are part of new experiences of reterritorialization of the image, Gonzalo Aguilar, Eduardo Russo and Catalina Sosa interrogate the reader about what places and times are today those of the cinema. (...) Some of the concepts proposed by these authors about the place of the archive in the contemporary audiovisual can be observed under the magnitude of the analysis that Catalina Sosa makes about her own work, an expanded film experience called The interstice in the mirror. There, the memory appears as imperative, and allows to account for the tensions and possibilities that the visual and audiovisual family archive carries as a source of identity construction"



Rodriguez, Alejandra F.; Elizondo, Cecilia (comps.) "Introduction" in Archived time. Materiality and spectrality in the audiovisual. (pp. 13-20). Bernal: Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, 2017.

"The memory-cinema and the archival affection. About the artwork The interstice in the mirror"

"In this article we reflect on our own artistic work in connection with both theoretical and personal research. To this end,we analize the production process of an interactive audiovisual installation called The Interstice in the mirror, made as a thesis work of the Bachelor of Audiovisual Communication, Faculty of Fine Arts, National University of La Plata. In the installation we work with family archive material, in the reconstruction of characters and absent stories, to inquire about identity and cinema as a place for memory"



Arkadin (N.° 5), pp. 138-147, august 2016. issn 2525-085X